Intel Workstation locks with Linux and different sessions oscar_solano "at"
Thu Apr 1 16:26:00 2004


> I have noticed my RedHat Enterprise workstation (Intel based) has locked up several times without reason.  Symptom is screen is blank, key board LED> '> s blinking and no response.  Only way to clear is cycle power.  
> This has happened as well on my lap top when I had RedHat 8 installed.  Symptom there was fan on high speed and no screen and no keyboard response and CPU was hot.  This also happened with the Enterprise version on a small PC I had in the office.  Now I see this with Enterprise 3 with 2g RAM memory Three different CPU> '> s and different OS rev> '> s but same symptom.
> What I have noted:
> 	For remote training purposes, multiple VNC sessions are running (as with the laptop and other PC).  Now at first I thought the problem was VNC but it ran fine for weeks.  I noticed the problems started to appear when multiple sessions where running in the screen saver mode (visible through the system monitor).
> 	This takes up cpu time but why it locks up is beyond me.  I believe this was also the case with the laptop and other PC.
Is there a problem when multiple sessions have screen savers running?  Do we need to disable screensavers permanently at customer sites and if so how?  It is still possible that it may just be VNC running.

> Currently my configuration is 21 vnc sessions running (although I was only using 4 with the other PC> '> s).  Everything appears fine until multiple screensavers are started.