Allow Shutdown not in system registry

Nathan Harmsworth admin "at"
Thu Apr 1 16:20:01 2004

Hi :)

I didn't mean any offense by it and its not like I'm pro-MS ;) i was
just voicing an opinion :)

>Moving icons out of the Start Menu doesn't prevent users from performing
>those functions - it just makes them slightly harder to find.

Not if its Win XP Pro...anything like Win 9x/ME then yep, I full agree,
however as he said that he is using windows xp pro which means he can restrict
file or folder permissions (doesn't matter if its only a workgroup) meaning
that he can stop them accessing those icon.

>As I stated in my earlier posts, VNC 4b4, when running as a service, can
>only be shut down via the SCM (i.e. usually only by Administrators) and
>cannot be killed via Task Manager or by normal Users.  Much like moving of
>Start Menu items, blocking access to Task Manager doesn't achieve much,
>except to make it very slightly harder to kill processes.

SCM? (forgive me if I appear thick here)

Fair enough but as I said in my intro email, I'd only just joined so I have
only just started reading these messages...think I might have all of this
but I'm a new VNC user :)

>With regards to Windows 98, I believe you are mistaken.  Windows 98 has no
>concept of security.  All you can do is make it more awkward for users to do
>things, you can't actually prevent them.  At the end of the day, all the
>settings you describe reside in the registry or filesystem, neither of which
>have user-dependent access control.

I'll decline to comment here ;) don't want to cause ill-feeling.

Nathan H.