Intro & a few questions

Nathan Harmsworth admin "at"
Thu Apr 1 13:17:01 2004

Hi all

Just thought I'd make a quick introduction to the list to say Hi.

I work in Education in Mid-Wales (UK) as a Network Administrator,
System Engineer, and general dogsbody of all that is IT here at
my location and have been doing this for around 7 years (as a proper
job) and previously, it was pure tinkering & learning :)

I've fairly recently discovered this excellent product of VNC and
am trying it out, in order to help me maintain the workstations I have
here, by way of remote access.

The network consists of a mixture of Win 98 SE & XP Pro workstations
and currently, the server is running Win NT 4 (SP6a).

My main question is this I suppose:

What would be the best option & usage of VNC here? i.e. what program version
should I use on each workstation? Recommended options and settings? Any 
considerations I should think of? Remote install (using VNCon) which version?

Slight problem I've started getting and I'm not sure why is the VNC 
Viewer telling me "Too many security failures" when I try and connect to
a Win 98 or XP PC when I use VNCon (1.14) to connect.

This is why I ask the question(s) above as I'm unsure whether to mix versions
or not.

I've got the latest beta installed on the majority, although I had a
mixture of
the beta (on 98) and the latest stable version (XP/NT server) at first. Also,
I install the full package i.e. both server & viewer on each install so that I
have maximum option to connect to/from anywhere in the system to anywhere else
in the system.

I couldnt seem to connect to the machines I tried the program on at first
but in 
leaving the password blank/having no password, it seemed to work.
Passworded the
nt server install only.

Any suggestions and or comments welcome plus if anyone wants to discuss it,
chat to me on msn messemger (nharmsworth "at" (if I'm at my desk).

Many thanks & well done on a great product (to the developers)

Best regards all,
Nathan H.
Network Administrator - Systems Engineer - IT Support & Admin (Edu)
MS SB / PC 'Freelancer' / Webmaster & designer