Allow Shutdown not in system registry

Nathan Harmsworth admin "at"
Thu Apr 1 13:07:00 2004

Hi all

Didn't notice this thread til now, as there are many comments I would
have added at the begining - as I did have trouble with Allow Shutdown.

First, may I say that I'm relatively new to VNC - so forgive my 'noobie'
ways ;)

I also have some related issues regarding VNC and what is the best usage too
but maybe for another thread :)

>I am using windows xp pro; even when I establish a user account, I am still
>quite able to shut down the vnc server from the start menu.  I have looked
>at the os' program access, but I don't find anything that would apply here -
>In windows xp, an icon appears in the start menu that I can't seem to get
>rid of that allows one to stop running the vnc server.

Are the icons the same in each user on the start menu?
If so then you'd be wanted to move the folder containing those icons out of
the All Users profile i.e. (in most cases)

C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Start Menu\Programs\RealVNC

You will need to enable "View all file and folders" in order to see the 
"All Users" folder. Also, check the "Default User" folder too.

Should you wish to, you can talk to me on MSN/Windows Messenger, although
being a network administrator, I might not always be at my PC.

My messenger address is: nharmsworth "at"

and I would welcome a discussion with anyone (providing I'm there) on
this or similar matters.

Just a quick comment on the following:

>> E. Sprow said:
>> >
>> >> You are right in that the option to lock the server is not there, but
>> >> even
>> >> using a user account, a person can shut off the server from running by:
>> >> going to the start menu and selecting "stop vnc server" or bring up the
>> > task
>> >> manager and shutting it down that way

Regarding the task manager, this can be solved by way of blocking access to it
which I'm sure can be done by way of group policy (dependant on domain) or by
manually editing the local policy of the machine, should you not be on a 

Under windows 98, you could remove the service helper so that there is no app
in the task manager to close.

>> This is dependent on the OS you are using.  From the sounds of it you are
>> using Win98, so the registry key wouldn't have helped you anyway.  Win9x
>> has no concept of security.

Indeed William, with all due respect, you are wrong. Win 98 (SE) has plenty
of security (naturally not as much as XP of course) - its just knowing how
to use it i.e.

The standard users i have here under 98, can only:
- run a certain list of applications
- Have no access to the Control Panel
- Can not see the C: drive by browsing (although this setting goes sometimes)
- Do not have desktop icons
- Can not change the display settings or affect any display properties
- Have a customised set of Program icons that cannot be altered in any way
- etc...

Naturally, if your not running win98 on a domain then this list would be
less but still much is achivable given patience and time :D

No offense intended and appology's if any taken.

>> If you are running WinNT/2000/XP you can us the OS controls to make the
>> users not have the ability to stop services.

Good call :)

Regards all,
Nathan H.
Network Administrator - IT Admin (Edu) / MS SB / PC 'Freelancer'