Unable to resize client window to fit multi monitor server

Jim Kleckner jek-vnc "at" kleckner.net
Wed Mar 31 23:26:01 2004

This may be a windoze limitation.  I have a situation where a
dual-monitor server is running Vnc4b4 (very nicely) on WinXP.
When I connect from a client using Vnc4b4 running on WinXP (or
Win2K), I cannot resize the window to fit the remote desktop.
The client has 1600x1280 and the server has two 1024x768
displays.  The vertical size ought to be able to be sizeable to
fit the client but cannot quite fit approximately one
scrollbar's width of vertical pixels.  It just refuses to grow
the containing window large enough.  The horizontal size
obviously cannot fit into the client but I would like to be able
to choose whether to scroll the window or drag the viewer
around.  The latter isn't a big deal but being unable to see the
full vertical dimension of the display is bothersome since the
client ought to be able to see all of it.

Running the client in full screen mode works fine with auto