Accessing one monitor in a dual monitor setup

Jim Kleckner jek-vnc "at"
Wed Mar 31 23:10:01 2004

  First, RealVNC is really great, thank you!
Very much worth supporting.

I have a situation where I would like to set up one display of a
WinXP box as a fixed status display and use the other one to
accomplish various tasks.  Users then access the machine either
as "developers" and see both displays and can use the keyboard
and mouse of as "watchers" and see just the status display
without being able to use keyboard and mouse.  

I have tried starting two instances of VNC server on different
ports, setting one of them to disable keyboard and mouse.  This
seems to work fine with "developer" running as a service and
"watcher" running as an application with different settings from
the service, different password, force shared, no keyboard, and
no mouse.  I suspect I can't convert this to a second service
because the registry keys would collide.  Not a big deal though.

Now in order for "watchers" to see only the status display, it
would be very convenient if VNC4 server could be able restrict
itself to one or the other display, thus "accessing one monitor
in a multi monitor setup".  Would this be hard to do?

Yes, this is a hack to deal with the marketing limitation of
WinXP not permitting multiple virtual displays at the same time.
A *nix box would simply run Xvnc on a precisely sized display
desktop and remote the thing.  Alas, there is one application
that I must use that only runs on Windoze and I don't want
to set up some kind of server version of Windoze.

By the way, I would vote to make v4b4 the released version.
It works great.

Thanks - Jim