VNC via web page

William Hooper
Wed Oct 1 23:45:01 2003

Richard Histon said:
> Help please.
> I successfully connect to vnc via the internet, using port 5900 and the
> viewer, port 5900 is opened in my router.
> I also want to connect using a web browser.
> My router has port 80 open, but I'm redirecting that to a webmail server
> So can I "reach" VNC using a web browser, with another port?

The VNC web server has nothing to do with port 80.

Running from a web browser
The VNC servers also contain a small web server. If you connect to this
with a web browser, you can download the Java version of the viewer, and
use this to view the server. You can then see your desktop from any
Java-capable browser, unless you are using a proxy to connect to the web.
The server listens for HTTP connections on port 5800+display number. So to
view display 2 on machine 'snoopy', you would point your web browser at:


The applet will prompt you for your password, and should then display the

William Hooper