Linux Recent Servers List

William Hooper
Thu Jul 31 22:17:00 2003

jwaterbrook said:
> I'm using the debian package if that helps at all.
> vncviewer is the standard console run viewer that pops up the x desktop
> after server/password are entered.
> xvncviewer when run pops up a graphical x server box prompt to enter the
> server and then pops up another after that to enter the password, then
> pops up the x desktop.

I don't know what Debian is packaging, but this describes the vncviewer
distributed by RealVNC (at least with 3.3.7) and TightVNC.

If you give it the server name in a terminal window:

$ vncviewer host:1

It then prompts you for the password in that terminal window.  Starting
the viewer without a server name (assuming a DISPLAY variable is set)
prompts you with a graphical window for the server name.

William Hooper