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Thu Jul 31 21:18:00 2003

I'm using the debian package if that helps at all.
vncviewer is the standard console run viewer that pops up the x desktop 
after server/password are entered.
xvncviewer when run pops up a graphical x server box prompt to enter the 
server and then pops up another after that to enter the password, then 
pops up the x desktop.

William Hooper wrote:

> jwaterbrook said:
> [snip]
> > Right now I made a bash script that prompts a list to me, but that
> > doesn't use xvncviewer ,just vncviewer.
> > Any input?
> > Thanks.
> Assuming you are using a recent version of VNC (3.3.3 or newer) what is
> the difference between "vncviewer" and "xvncviewer"?
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> William Hooper
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