Cannot Install VNC Server properly on RH Linux 7.2

Isaac Hooft
Thu Jul 31 20:55:01 2003

Thankyou. We are now able to vnc to our linux box. That was a great help.
We are able to view a terminal window when we connect.  But to be truly
effective we need to see the standard desktop. Are you aware of whats
required to set it up beyond downloading the new KDE 3.1? Thankyou

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On Wed, Jul 30, 2003 at 04:20:13PM -0700, Isaac Hooft wrote:
> Alright I was able to set a password no problem.
> I don't quite understand the "VNCSERVERS="1:myusername" and the as my
> (adjust this to your own).  
> I've entered root for both of those. Cause I'm logged in under root in
> linux. I want anybody to be able to vnc the linux box though. Thanks for
> your patience

Why are you not cc'ing the list?  I am not getting paid for this...

You want:

Having said that, you should _never_ log in as root.  You should always
log in as a normal user and then 'su' as necessary.

If you want Xvnc to start xdm, gdm, kdm, whatever, so that anyone can
log in, you need to start it with xdcmp.