FW: VNC 4.0 Beta 3 .... My Tests

Beau.Haefke@fedgroup.com Beau.Haefke@fedgroup.com
Thu Jul 31 16:29:01 2003

I'm not sure why I ended up with this, but it probably was meant for the list.


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Subject:	VNC 4.0 Beta 3 ....  My Tests

Linux The short:
VNC 4.0b3 (binaries) fail on SuSE 8.2.
The make of the sources also fail.

Linux The Medium:
The binaries in user mode, but gave constant errors and failed to
display any icon or font (except in xterm).

Unfortunatetly I don't have the errors anymore, but suspect we got
a XWindows version problem here...

The make failed with erorr after error after error, I supose I'm haveing
the same problem as prevously mentioned here in list.  The GCC being
used by SuSE is gcc (GCC) 3.3 20030226 (prerelease) (SuSE Linux)

At any rate I couldn't get it to work in 4 to 5 hours....
so I dropped the test of the unix side....

Windows The short.

The Server
The RealVnc 4.0b3 is the windows RFB server with the most functionality.
The Multiple screen support was desperatetly needed, and works great
on windows XP pro.

Although the UtlraVnc server with its "special" drivers is faster.

The only problem that I found was that when a remote session, is
connected to your computer, your mouse is costantly redrawn, giving it a "flashing" appearance. More important is that the server takes upto
80% cpu (on a 1000mhz laptop).  Allthough the CPU usage was so high the
machine remained responsive, leading me to believe that the drawing was
being done at "nice" priority which does not affect normal programs.  The Viewer
The simplified configuration is quite an improvement.

The auto speed sensing-adjustment algorythm works in my environments
(local and remote with moderate bandwidth), which is more than I can say
about other "auto" versions, where I constantly have to turn it off to
stop sporadic full screen refreshes.  In other words, your algorythm is
an improvement that makes the feature usable for me!

I dearly miss the UltraVnc viewer screen scaling functionality.  It was
slightly usefull before, but pracitacally required now with the
Multi-Screen support in the server.  For all pracitacal purposes it is
impossible to controll and multiscreen machine (2 1600x1280).  Even on a
multi-screen (2 x1280x1024) machine, there is simply too much hidden
screen.  I would consider adding this functionality to the 4.0 release
or at least adding it to the "Real Soon" list.  P.S.  To whom ever it may concern:  the UltraVnc viewer with the scaling
Features works in a window spread across 2 screens.  Without the scaling
feature, the viewer updates only one window "worth" of the screen.  In
my case that was the 1280 bits, anything over 1280 bits was simply
black.  This bug stops me from using UltraVnc Viewer with the RealVnc
4.0b3 server...

Thanks for your great software....
I hope this helps is some small way...

Jerry Westrick