VNC trough Symantec VPN Appliance 200r

Mark Harris
Thu Jul 31 14:47:00 2003

I am trying to pass VNC through a Symantec VPN Appliance 200r and am 
unable to connect to any of the computers. The computers behind the 
firewall are NT4 running the latest VNC and the client on the other end 
is a Win98 SE. I can connect to the VPN without any issues. The VPN 
appliance is using NAT and is connected via DSL with a static IP address.
I have created the Custom Virtual server for the systems and created an 
entry for TCP (port 5800) and UDP (port 5900) for the server. I then 
created an host entry for the server. This is all referenced from a 
document describing how to setup access for pcAnywhere, document # 
Does anyone have experience setting up VNC to access via VPN for this 
router. I can not get it to work.

Thank you