Cannot Install VNC Server properly on RH Linux 7.2

Antony Gelberg
Wed Jul 30 23:49:00 2003

On Wed, Jul 30, 2003 at 03:30:16PM -0700, Isaac Hooft wrote:
> Thankyou. The /var/log/messages looks like everything is running normally
> I need some assistance with the the vncserver file
> Right now it looks like this
> # The VNCSERVERS variable is a list of display:user pairs.
> #
> # Uncomment the line below to start a VNC server on display :1
> as my 'root' (adjust this to your own).  You will also
> need to set a VNC password; run 'man vncpasswd' to see how
> to do that.  
> #
> # DO NOT RUN THIS SERVICE if your local area network is
> # untrusted!  For a secure way of using VNC, see
> # <URL:>.
>  VNCSERVERS="1:myusername"
> Now what should I need to change to get to connect to
> thanks

Just read what the comment is telling you.  You need to change
"myusername" to the user that you want the X server to run as.  Then
vncpasswd to set a password for the server.

e.g. For user bob:

vncpasswd bob bobspassword

It should then work, just vnc to x.x.x.x:1 .  Don't worry about the port
(5800), the client should get that right by default.

(cc'd to the list so that everyone can benefit.)