Cannot Install VNC Server properly on RH Linux 7.2

Isaac Hooft
Wed Jul 30 22:31:01 2003

I'm quite new to linux. So I have very limited knowledge of how everything
operates. Installation of anything seems to quite a task. To windows guy
like me.  So I was wondering if you Linux guys could give me a hand.
We want to run VNC Server on our linux box which is our mail server so we
can remotely administrate it.  VNC server appeared to be working as it was
running as a service.  But even with a  network scan port 5800 or 5900 don't
show up and we cant connect through our windows machines using vnc viewer.
So somethings not right.  
We then proceeded to uninstall vnc and try installing the latest version.
We again had more problems. Neither of the latest versions of tightvnc or
realvnc would install if check dependencies was checked.  We had to uncheck
it and try the installation.  At which point we got the following error
Must turn of check dependencies to install
Rpmdepcheck() failed
Found 0 source and 1 binary packages
It still installs and comes up with another window telling us there was an
error installing.
This occurs with the installation of either tight vnc or real vnc
It seems to install anyways. And the files it says has installed are in the
correct folders.
Yet it doesn't work.
After I tried installing real vnc I couldn't even find vncserver as a
So right now I got tight vnc installed and it shows up as a service but I
still cant connect to our linux box.
We can file share on our linux and we can backup our linux box but we cant
vnc it.
Please help. Thankyou in advance.