Multiple sessions/servers on Win computer
Wed Jul 30 20:02:00 2003

You can accomplish it with some programs such as VirtualPC from Connectix which was bought out by Microsoft
or VMWare is another.  Since you're posting on a VNC
list, you can also mess around with BeTwin
which I was eventually able to get to work with virtual (vdacc) drivers from Ultr@VNC and
some USB mice and keyboards attached, but doing nothing.  It works, but it's really not
cost effective, at least not for my company.  These three will work with desktop software
I think Citrix requires the server version of Windows unless I'm mistaken.


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Subject:	Multiple sessions/servers on Win computer

Is there a way to have more than one server session/instance on a Win
computer, so that I can have more than one outside user work on the same
machine - am I correct thinking of Citrix???
Thank you all.
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