4beta: CreataDACL failed

Constantin Kaplinsky const@ce.cctpu.edu.ru
Wed Jul 30 17:16:41 2003

Hello James,

>>>>> "JWW" == "James ''Wez'' Weatherall" <jnw@realvnc.com> writes:

>> On wkk/wkk Upon installation of 4Beta I get "CreataDACL failed:

JWW> Are you using a German version of Windows? The error indicates a
JWW> failure attempting to secure the registry settings, caused by an
JWW> unrecognised account name - in this case probably
JWW> "Administrator". You should still be able to set the VNC
JWW> password, though - you'll just get a warning about it not being
JWW> properly secure.

The same issue on a Russian WinNT4 system, and that's not just a
warning -- I think vncconfig exits on an exception thrown in the
RegKey::setDACL() method.

With Best Wishes,