v4b3 installation/setup (CreateDACL failed)

Markus Becker markus.becker@seibtundstraub.de
Wed Jul 30 14:07:00 2003

> > Hello to all,
> > I just tried to run the win32 installer on my w2k-box, sp3, german,
> a local
> > admin-account. At the end of the installation-process an error-message
> showed up,
> > this comes up now every time I try to run WinVNC Config. "CreateDACL
> failed:
> > Zuordnungen von Kontennamen und Sicherheitskennungen wurden nicht
> durchgef|hrt.
> > (1332)" Is this a known problem, general or related to my box? Please
> help, Markus
> It's because I've hardcoded the Administrator account name in this beta.
> Specifying the account via RID values will fix that in the next release.
> Will note that on the To-Do list!
> Cheers,
> --
> Dr. James "Wez" Weatherall
> RealVNC Ltd. - http://www.realvnc.com - The Home of VNC
Thanks for your hint. I think the point is the name of the local admin
The german localized w2k name for it is "Administratoren" while it needs to
be "Administrators" for v4b3 to function properly.
The group can easily be renamed. Afterwards WinVNC Config works fine even on
localized w2k...