VNC 4.0 Beta 3 + vdacc drivers
Tue Jul 29 16:29:00 2003

I've started messing with the virtual video drivers (vdacc) drivers
from Ultr@VNC's website and so far I've installed 4 copies of the
driver but have only been able to get 2 to appear and work, whereas
the other 2 show up as a black area of the screen.  I'm running 16bit
color @ 1024x768 or 800x600 on a Windows 2000 machine with an
ATI Rage Pro AGP 2x. To get to this point, I did have to disable any
hardware acceleration that was running.  It's pretty spiffy so far, but
is there a way to choose which display VNC shows rather than all of
them at once?  It looks like I you can run both the 3.3.7 and the beta
4 at the same time and it would be interesting to have them bring up
different displays on one computer without having to install an additional
video card.