VNC Remote Viewing into LAN

Tue Jul 29 16:18:01 2003

Thanks to James and William for replies.
I have checked my WAN address through the router and it is still the same
(also confirms this.)
I have also checked the Firewall page in the router and there are 5 items
allowed and just 1 denied - it reads:
Deny   Default   Source= *.* Destination= LAN,* Protocol= IP(0),*
but one of the Allows reads:
Allow   Default   Source= LAN.* Destination= *,* Protocol= IP(0),*
There does not seem any way to edit or delete these two default lines.

There are two lines which show Allow for my the two ports I set up for
forwarding, they are:
Allow Port1 Source=WAN,* Destination=LAN, Protocol=TCP,5900
Allow Port2 Source=WAN,* Destination=LAN, Protocol=TCP,5800

I ran and got replies: is not replying on Display 0 through 9.
It may be the firewall facility in the router stopping access but see how it
has been allowed above.
Appreciate your the help of both of you.
Bill Pickering