RealVNC v4b3 Comments, etc...

James Weatherall
Tue Jul 29 16:11:01 2003

> On Tuesday, July 29, 2003 8:39 AM [GMT-5=EST], James Weatherall
> <> wrote:
> > The Close Server option is really only on that menu for User-Mode,
> > not for when running as a service.  The same is true for the Options
> > dialog.  We may make them work for Service-Mode too but there are
> > security issues that need addressing before that can be achieved
> > safely.
> This makes sense, and I like it better this way.  If VNC is running as a
> service, no user interaction should be required anyway.  If you /do/ end
> up enabling these options in service mode, please let this feature be
> selectable through a registry setting.

This falls under the remit of the security issues I referred to - if we do
enable those options in the menu then they will operate via Windows' normal
security measures, so that, for example, a user who does not have rights to
stop the service will find that Close VNC Server raises an error message if
they select it.

> Writing of the registry, are the
> new locations (ORL vs. RealVNC) set in concrete?

Yes.  VNC 4's settings will all reside under [HKLM/HKCU]\Software\RealVNC.
The old registry settings aren't compatible with the new ones anyway, so
keeping the old location wouldn't help.  The names of the settings should be
stable, too.

The VNC Config program's Legacy panel allows the existing Software\ORL
options to be imported and mapped into the new settings.  I'd be interested
to hear of any issues that people have had with that process.  The import
process is non-destructive - you can perform it as many times as you like
without fear of losing your old VNC 3 settings, in case you need to revert
from the Beta back to VNC 3.3.7 for some reason.


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