RealVNC v4b3 Comments, etc...

Adam Pavelec
Tue Jul 29 14:40:01 2003

On Tuesday, July 29, 2003 8:39 AM [GMT-5=EST], James Weatherall
<> wrote:

> The Close Server option is really only on that menu for User-Mode,
> not for when running as a service.  The same is true for the Options
> dialog.  We may make them work for Service-Mode too but there are
> security issues that need addressing before that can be achieved
> safely.

This makes sense, and I like it better this way.  If VNC is running as a
service, no user interaction should be required anyway.  If you /do/ end
up enabling these options in service mode, please let this feature be
selectable through a registry setting.  Writing of the registry, are the
new locations (ORL vs. RealVNC) set in concrete?