VNC Remote Viewing into LAN

James Weatherall
Tue Jul 29 13:30:01 2003


The DI-614+ is the same one I use at home.  Very nice unit, as it happens,
although the interface could be better.  I'm using a Revision A box (two
aerials) and it all works fine.  You just go to the Virtual Servers page and
add the required port information and it works.  There are also some
firewall pages which you might want to check, to make sure that the box is
correctly opening up the ports as well as redirecting them - otherwise you
may find that you can connect via the public IP address from within your
LAN, but not from outside!

Also, are you sure that your WAN address is correct - if you switch off your
cable box then it's likely to be reallocated to a new IP.


Wez @ RealVNC Ltd.