Outlook address book and VNC

Chris Cartledge ccartledge@onsitemarketingsolutions.com
Tue Jul 29 13:03:00 2003

Hi all

I am having a problem with VNC and was hoping someone might be able to shed
some light on it.  I VNC in to the host pc, open Outlook XP I click New
Message, click the To button and we have some address books set up so when
type the name in of a contact to search Outlook freezes and I have to use
task manager to close it.  

If I go to the machine itself and do the same thing it works no problem.
This isn't a big issue as if necessary I can go to the address book, find
the contact and copy and paste the email address in to the email but it
would be nice if it was to work.  It is doing this on more than one machine.

Anyone got any ideas?

Kind Regards,
Chris Cartledge
Onsite Marketing Solutions Ltd