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Tue Jul 29 12:32:30 2003

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> I forgot to point that I know this solution and it is fine  for me. But 
> my organization wants to have the data exchange through the  SSL, which 
> requires changing java viewer to use SSL sockets ( I have  already done 
> that) and vnc server to use for example openSSL library.
> The problem is that I am not so experienced with linux and C, that is 
> why I am asking for help.

If you need to use ssl, then security is required.
If  security is required, then you should not use the java viewer. Having
the java viewer active is kind of like having the ladder out at night. Its
like giving the hackers the tool they need.

If you need access over a public network, use the binary viewer for your

> But thanks anyway Rach.
> >You don't use SSL, you use SSH which is already on your Linux server:
> >
> >
> >You log into your server via ssh by going like so:
> >ssh username -L clientport:host:hostport username@SSH-server-address
> >then locally you open your vncviewer and point it to 
> localhost:viewernumber
> >
> >Rach
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