VNC 4.0 Beta 3

"Beerse, Corné"
Tue Jul 29 09:03:01 2003

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> From: William Hooper []
> Li, Charles said:
> > What is the difference between realvnc and tightvnc?
> > Which is better?
> What is the difference between blue and red?
> Which is better?

I, as a user, see the next differences:

RealVNC: the main-stream vnc: prime target to be rock-solid and on all
platforms. New features are only added if rock-solid and realy needed.

TightVNC: (one of) the vnc implementations that focuses on new (internal)
features, like new compressions and such. Also on all platforms.

Other vnc implementations do implement external features like file transfer
but sometimes lack the implementation on all platforms, like M$Windows only.

> Sorry to make the point that way, but that is basically what you are
> asking.  Try both TightVNC and RealVNC and use the one that 
> fits best in your situation.

You are right that both RealVNC and TightVNC are verry stable
implementations for all platforms.