RealVNC v4b3 Comments, etc...

Jerry Trowbridge
Mon Jul 28 23:13:01 2003

On Mon, 28 Jul 2003 16:15:40 -0400, "Adam Pavelec"
<> wrote:

>+ "Options" and "Close VNC Server" are grayed out in the "notification
>area icon" -- not sure if this an artifact from a prior install, but I
>did remove both HKLM\Software\ORL and HKCU\Software\ORL branches before
>installing v4b3.

I get the same here, and also did an unstall of 3.x and fresh install
of 4b3. When you're running in server mode, there are server start and
server stop shortcuts on the VNC flyout on the start bar.

v4b3 correctly sizes its viewer desktop to display both ports on my
matrox G550 dualhead as contiguous space. I am running both host
displays at 1024x768, and the viewer as a single 1024x768.

Jerry Trowbridge
--at Flying Pig Ranch