VNC 4.0 Beta 3

William Hooper
Mon Jul 28 22:07:01 2003

Mike Miller said:
> On Mon, 28 Jul 2003, William Hooper wrote:
>> Li, Charles said:
>> > What is the difference between realvnc and tightvnc?
>> > Which is better?
>> What is the difference between blue and red?
> They are that different now?

Just the first example to come to mind that didn't depend on the OP's
culture.  Maybe I should have used "light blue" and "dark blue".

>> Sorry to make the point that way, but that is basically what you are
>> asking.  Try both TightVNC and RealVNC and use the one that fits best in
>> your situation.
> Is there no information on the web that lists the differences?

I doubt it.  What's the point, there is no "competition" between them. 
Both web pages list their repective features, so I assumed the OP couldn't
make a decision based on that.

> Is the
> only way to find out to use both?

Yes.  The are both Free and don't cost anything.  The only way to know
what works best *for your situation* is to try both.

> On what should we base our decision?
> Mike

Which works better *in your situation*?

William Hooper