VNC Remote Viewing into LAN

William Hooper
Mon Jul 28 21:35:01 2003

msn said:
> Thanks for William Hooper's reply of Friday July 5.
> I have set up port routing on my D-Link 614+ router as:
> Port1: Private Port = 5800, Public Port = 5800
> Port2: Private Port = 5900, Public Port = 5900
> Both into which is where my VNC server sits.
> I then used my dialed-in PC and Internet Explorer  with the address
> and got message "page cannot be displayed" (also
> tried :5800 with same result) will never work, it is the RFB port. should work, though.

> Then used VNC Remote Viewer with address and got message
> "Failed to connect to server"

On the machine, go to , verify the
button does say "Run Check Now on ''".  Then hit the button
and tell us the results.

If it has a different address than, either your IP changed
(and that is why you are getting connection refused), you have another
firewall in the way, or something is still not right with your port
forwarding on the D-Link.

William Hooper