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"Beerse, Corné"
Mon Jul 28 15:29:01 2003

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> My question is how?
> I use a large and small monitor.  The small one is the main desktop 
> and the large one is graphical layout for databazse design.
> Will these appear as a single larger monitor under VNC or will it 
> support :0, :1 for these two displays (using Windows sorry).  :0 = 
> smaller/main, :1 large graphical.

The :1 and :2 approach is already used to address vnc-sessions to all but
M$Windows vnc-servers and hence should not be used for multi-headed
vnc-sessions. I do know the X11 way to address multiple monitors and hope
vnc does the same/similar: The X11 display name has the next fields:
"[<hostname>[.<domainname>]]:[<displaynumber>[.<subdisplay>]]". Hence,
subsequent monitors can be addressed by remotemachine:0.1, :0.2 and such.

On unix systems, the multi-headed workstations are addressed in both ways
you say, depending on the used hardware. If a workstation is equipped with 2
(or more) video-cards then the video-cards are addressed with their own
display name: ":0.0" and ":0.1" (and subsequent numbers). If a single
video-card has multiple monitor connectors, then this can be configured as
if 2 different video-cards (with 2 different subdisplay numbers) or as a
single, large window.

For vnc on M$Windows, I think the approach is similar. If the M$Windows
system just sees a sinlge display adapter and spreads its windows over both
displays, the vnc-session most likely provides a large (scrollable) window.
I don't know details but I think this knid of multiple display is already
supported by one or more of the vnc implementations.

If the M$Windows machine sees multiple displays (and cannot spread a window
over multiple displays but just on one or the other) then vnc most likely
provides multile windows (maybe addressble with the subdisplaynumber).

In the end, its just up to the imlementation.

btw: I don't think there is much need for the (default) unix vnc server
(Xvnc) to implement subdisplays and  such. However, now I think of it, it
can be nice if a kind of Xvnc process can be used to implement the
sub-addressing: start it and get display :0.1 (and :0.2, :0.3 and such).

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> On 28 Jul 2003 at 12:53, James Weatherall wrote:
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> > A multi-monitor aware beta release of VNC will be available sometime
> > this week.  I'll be particularly interested in feedback from users
> > who:
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