still have the boot problem

Adam Pavelec
Mon Jul 28 14:17:00 2003

On Monday, July 28, 2003 8:33 AM [GMT-5=EST], CIKALA Frederic NANTERRE
<> wrote:

> After having re-install VNC, i still have the following problem :
> i can't log on a remote machine via VNC untill someone local log his
> self on this PC.....
> VNC is useless in this case.
> On all the other machine (which are installed from the same ghost) i
> do not have this problem.
> I've compared all the configuration, but i did not notice some
> differences.. can anyone help?

I have found that after uninstalling VNC, it is very helpful to check
the Windows Registry -- in particular, the following entries:

<This branch is usually removed when VNC is uninstalled>

<In my experience, this branch is rarely removed>

Especially when trying different flavors of VNC, it is a good idea to
make sure HKCU\Software\ORL is removed before installing VNC again.