Fails connection

Mon Jul 28 03:40:01 2003

3 machines, 2 at work (A&B), 1 at home (C).

Doing one at a time ...
Machine A at work works fine  with

    # vncserver :1
    # ssh -g -C -R 5910:workA:5901 home   ( yes '-R' as I can push 'out'
    an xterm
      then  on a home xterm                                and work it
    that way - FW allows
    # vncviewer localhost:10                             out but not in )
      and up pops VNC - I'm in and it works great

Mach B at work doesn't

    # vncserver :1
    # ssh -g -C -R 5910:workB:5901 home
    # vncviewer localhost:10
      VNC viewer version 3.3.7 - built Feb 28 2003 18:58:10
      Copyright (C) 2002-2003 RealVNC Ltd.
      Copyright (C) 1994-2000 AT&T Laboratories Cambridge.
      See for information on VNC.
      ReadFromRFBServer: rdr::EndOfStream
    # (nothing)
    on the workB log  "(timestamp) Refused connection from client"

 From my pushed out xterm (before the ssh) (ether box) I can get another 
xclock, netscape.  Problem is it is too ssssllllllooooowwwwwwwwwww.
I run ISDN.  But machine A, VNC trucks right along.
And I can't go to A and say VNC B - same ... EndOfStream ...
same version of VNC,  A OS = RH 8.0, B OS = RH 9.0
both A&B have the same /etc/hosts
I've turned off the FW on AB&C
I know it's not 9.0 because home is 9.0 and I can VNC myself at home.