WinVNC 3.3.7 crashes Win2000

Fritz Lang
Sat Jul 26 02:53:00 2003


 I'm new to this mailing list, being more used to plain
old newsgroups, so please be patient if I don't get it quite
right the first time.

I have been using WinVNC for some time with different
clients. My Win2000 machine has a tendence to crash
while taking over some other machine:
- Rarely when running VNCViewer.exe
- Occasionally when in "Listening mode" with some remote PCs
- Within a minute or two when in "Listening mode" with some
  other remote PCs. Those PCs could run Win98 or WinNT -
  it makes no difference.

The symptoms are always the same:
- My Win2000 machine reboots as if I had pressed the "Reset"
- There is no event log, dump file etc.
- The remote machine is not affected.

On occasions I can see what's coming: The remote machine
stops responding to my keystrokes, and within 30 seconds
or so my machine reboots.

I turned of ZoneAlarm Pro but found that this had no effect.

Any suggestions?

Fritz Lang