Remote Viewing into a LAN

William Hooper
Fri Jul 25 04:02:00 2003

Bill Pickering said:
> I am a new user of VNC and  am having some difficulty connecting from my
> dial up PC into my server which is on a wireless LAN. I have searched
> through the FAQ's but not found one which has enabled me to connect.
> My LAN has 2 PC's on it using Windows 98SE.
> On one of these ( I have set up the VNC server and I am
> trying
> to gain remote access into the second PC (
> The wireless router is a D-LINK 614+ and I have had help from D-LINK in
> setting up the port routing to the second PC which I have called Port 1 -
> it
> has been given the Private Port number 5800 and Public Port number 5900.

I'm not familiar with the D-LINK 614+, but it sounds like you are
forwarding external traffic from port 5900 to the PC's port
5800 (from now on displayed as  This won't work.  If
you just need vncviewer support, you need to forward the traffic to  If you need to access the java viewer via VNC's built
in HTTP server, you need to forward both and (Both examples assuming you are using display "0").

William Hooper