Doing Pine from Palm via VNC to Xvnc (was "Sharing single window with VNC")

William Hooper
Fri Jul 25 03:58:00 2003

Mike Miller said:
> I run Pine and Xvnc on my Solaris box and would love to be able to use
> vncviewer on a Palm OS device to connect to the Solaris box and do my
> e-mail.  The Palm device (Treo 300 from Handspring) gives me always-on,
> unlimited internet service through Sprint.  The display size on the Treo
> is 160 x 160 pixels (like most palm OS devices).  I would like to have a
> single 160 x 160 X-window in which to run Pine from the Treo.  It would be
> nice to have no border on the window.  What do you think?  Has anyone else
> dealt with this before?
> Mike

In this specific example (Pine being text-based) wouldn't it be faster to
just run Pine over an SSH connection?  You can use "screen" to get a
persistent session and sending the text (SSH) should be faster than
sending a picture of the text (VNC).

Back to the original question, you can set the VNC server's resolution
with the "-geometry" switch.  Sizing the window and whether it has a
border are both functions of the window manager.  I haven't tried it, but
you might want to check out .
William Hooper