need help

William Hooper
Fri Jul 25 03:47:00 2003

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>>adrien joseph said:
>> > I'm currently using vnc in a network,, it works great!!!
>> >
>> > But, I've also tried to set it up so I can access another computer
>> > the internet, and I can't get it to work. What do I need to do? Both
>> are
>> > running windows ME, and both have the same version of vnc on them.
>> > #3.3.7.
>> >
>> > Can someone help?, I'm slow when it comes to computers
>>You left out too much information.  What is the network like between
>> these
>>machines (NAT devices, firewalls, etc.).  Just in case, what ISP are you
>>using?  What errors are you getting?

adrien joseph said:
> Both computers are on the internet, my question is, how do I find the
> other
> computer I'm looking for over the internet? when I enter the name i'm
> looking for nothing happens.

Are you trying a registered DNS name?  Unless you have a registered DNS
name (or use one of the many dynamic DNS services) the remote computer
can't translate the name into the IP address.  Have you tried the IP

William Hooper