Remote Viewing into a LAN

Bill Pickering
Thu Jul 24 22:22:00 2003

I am a new user of VNC and  am having some difficulty connecting from my
dial up PC into my server which is on a wireless LAN. I have searched
through the FAQ's but not found one which has enabled me to connect.
My LAN has 2 PC's on it using Windows 98SE.
On one of these ( I have set up the VNC server and I am trying
to gain remote access into the second PC (
The wireless router is a D-LINK 614+ and I have had help from D-LINK in
setting up the port routing to the second PC which I have called Port 1 - it
has been given the Private Port number 5800 and Public Port number 5900.
The remote access PC is a laptop with dial up access - also running Windows
I have tried two methods of gaining remote access:
1. Using the VNC Viewer - putting in the public IP address of the router:0
and had a response "Failed to Connect to server"
2. Using Internet Explorer Version 6.0 - putting in the address:
http//Public IP Address:5800 and had response "could not find the server" -
I was told IE had to be Java enabled and I have checked all 3 Java boxes on
the Internet Options Advanced list to provide this.
I would prefer the second solution but at this stage the first would be a
good start.
Any thoughts?