Doing Pine from Palm via VNC to Xvnc (was "Sharing single window with VNC")

Mike Miller
Thu Jul 24 17:38:00 2003

I run Pine and Xvnc on my Solaris box and would love to be able to use
vncviewer on a Palm OS device to connect to the Solaris box and do my
e-mail.  The Palm device (Treo 300 from Handspring) gives me always-on,
unlimited internet service through Sprint.  The display size on the Treo
is 160 x 160 pixels (like most palm OS devices).  I would like to have a
single 160 x 160 X-window in which to run Pine from the Treo.  It would be
nice to have no border on the window.  What do you think?  Has anyone else
dealt with this before?