Roasting old chestnuts

Steve Bostedor
Wed Jul 23 19:24:00 2003

VNCScan (, makes it easy to use SMB to transfer

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While I agree that file transfer is needlessly complicating VNC, it is
the most requested feature and will help VNC become more popular.  For
instance, Terminal Server doesn't have file transfer built in.  You have
to use regular SMB file sharing to transfer files.

To this end, I thought I would mention that the next major version of
TightVNC 1.3.0 will have file transfer included.  Currently Constain is
working to get 1.2.9 out this week then he plans to release a beta of
1.3.0 shortly thereafter.

You can always get the CVS right now and try it out.  BTW, it is only
for the Win32 viewer/server.

> Oops, I forgot to send this, I'll post it anyway ...
> On Sun, 6 Jul 2003, William Hooper wrote:
>> Just because it is requested doesn't mean it is a good idea.  Not 
>> having to use a username and password is the most requested thing on 
>> my work network.  It isn't going to happen.
> Sigh, that's seriously off topic, but if the users are saying that it 
> normally means that your 'single sign on' integration isn't working. 
> So you do have something that needs fixing in the _right_ way, your 
> your average user sees the problem but not the real solution. Again 
> the designers of ssh have seen the problem and have a good solution 
> (ssh-agent).
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