need help

William Hooper
Wed Jul 23 13:32:01 2003

adrien joseph said:
> I'm currently using vnc in a network,, it works great!!!
> But, I've also tried to set it up so I can access another computer through
> the internet, and I can't get it to work. What do I need to do? Both are
> running windows ME, and both have the same version of vnc on them. Version
> #3.3.7.
> Can someone help?, I'm slow when it comes to computers

You left out too much information.  What is the network like between these
machines (NAT devices, firewalls, etc.).  Just in case, what ISP are you
using?  What errors are you getting?

For some general help, check out:

You can also use to see if you have the correct
ports open.

William Hooper