Router, win xp, and time out...(possibly)

Scott C. Best
Tue Jul 22 23:26:01 2003

	Heya. Seeing a black-screen after you log into a VNC
Server running on a WinXP machine is symptomatic with the "Fast
User Switching" incompatibility between VNC and WinXP. From the
RealVNC website:

| VNC will work with XP provided that Fast User Switching and Remote
| Administration are not used. Windows XP uses the Terminal Services
| system to implement Fast User Switching and Remote Administration.
| This is not compatible with the current release of VNC, but will be
| supported better in a  future release.

	So...try disabling Fast User Switching on your VNC Server
and see if that helps. Good luck!


> I'm having a problem with realVNC and a WAN connection. I have realVNC
> server running on a machine behind a router and would like to access it
> from on the other side of that router. I have my router set up for port
> forwarding correctly (when I attempt to connect I do get prompted for a
> password) Then the desktop appears to open, but all I see is a black
> screen. No icons, nothing. If I go to "connection info" it says that the
> current speed is 0kb/sec, which seems to indicate that there is no
> connection. But it did connect! (Additionally, the server on the host
> machine does know it is being communicated with) I think it may have to
> do with the display settings. What are the settings for the fastest
> speed? Thanks.
> Eric