problem with locking up

Eric Lloyd
Tue Jul 22 18:48:00 2003

I'm running realVNC server 3.3.7 on an xp home machine and trying to connect to it from
a xp Pro machine. Here's the problem: when I go through the LAN, everything is fine. 
When I try to go through the router from the WAN side, it locks up. I still get prompted for 
a password, and it does connect, but as the screen starts to load (I get some of the 
icons to come up) it locks up. Now I don't have realVNC running as a service, and I do 
have fast user switching enabled on the xp home (server) machine. I am told that the fast 
user switching is a problem. But I CAN connect on the LAN, so I should be able to 
connect through the WAN. Any suggestions?

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