alt-tab problems with excel

Stephen Strazdus~
Mon Jul 21 21:29:00 2003

If I have the vnc viewer full screen, and I try to use alt-tab to switch
to an excel window, I get the windows task bar on top of the vnc viewer
window, but the excel window is not brought to the front, and the vnc
button on the task bar is flashing.  From this state I have to either
reselect the vnc session, or the "show desktop" icon, all the other
tasks won't come to the foreground.

It only seems to happen when I have opened multiple excel documents so
that you see one excel icon and 1 or more excel document icons in the
little window that pops up in the middle of the screen when you hit

Seems that powerpoint has the same behavior.  This is on windows xp with
office 2002.  It does it with tightVNC 1.2.8 and realvnc 3.3.7.

Steve Strazdus