NAT and Multibul VNC instances....

Mon Jul 21 01:57:00 2003

I'm running VNC on a NAT network and have got the application working fine.
Now I wish to add more computers on the network to be able to remote admin
from the net.

I used to run RemoteAdministrator and the way I had that application working
was by running the server on different ports for each computer....

So I would have one address for connection and port numbers for each

eq - (Main Server)
    - (Workstation 1)
    - (Workstation 2)

At the moment I do not seam to be able to do this in VNC. I can change the
port numbers witch VNC runs on but I can not seam to find a way to put the
port number into the VIEWER. With the above example if I typed
"" into the connection box it will simply connect to the highest
port number no the list.

How can I force the viewer to look for a VNC server on a specified port