reaching a remote PC via a dial up connection

Scott C. Best
Fri Jul 18 18:15:00 2003


	Heya. Your connection problem is pretty simple: your
Router is acting like a firewall, preventing connections from
the outside from reaching your internal computers. In general,
this is considered a Good Thing. You'll need to adjust the
settings in your Router to make it work with VNC. A description
of that process can be found here:

	It will take some poking around on your part to get it
to work. If you're completely against such poking around, you
may want to consider using GoToMyPC instead of VNC. It's not
free, it's not open-source, and all of your traffic is routed
thru a 3rd party's network...but it works out-of-the-box with
setups like yours.


>    Hi I have just downloaded your software.
>    My  setup is that I have main PC connected to the interned permanently
>    with broadband.
>    I have two other computer set up to "Internet connections share".
>    It is one of these other computer that I need to remotely control.
>    I  have  installed the software on the computer I want to control with
>    out problems.
>    For  other reasons I have disabled the fire wall on this one PC and it
>    needs to stay this way.
>    I have tried to connect using the setting as given but I cannot.
>    The  configuration of the Router has the following numbers but I would
>    not  know  what  to do with these. (They came on a sheet of paper when
>    the ADSL line was installed)
>    WAN IP Mask
>    LAN IP Mask
>    Config  of  the  computer  also came on a sheet of paper when the ADSL
>    line was installed
>    LAN IP 192.168.0 (and then the numbers of each PC on the network)
>    MASK
>    Port of connection
>    DNS /
>    In summary:
>    I  can  use VNC across my network without problems. (of course this is
>    not a lot of use)
>    When Connect to the internet via a dial up connections I cannot access
>    any PC on my network
>    Any help gratefuly received
>    Martin Cole