set up

George Bell
Fri Jul 18 16:04:01 2003

Hi List,

       I'm new to the list and vnc, so please excuse me if my question 
is a little naive.  I have a basic idea from the online documentation so 
far but I'm not sure yet whether I can use vnc for my application.   I'd 
like to connect two different computers at the same physical location(my 
home office) so that they share the same monitor and keyboard, where one 
computer is running linux and the other windows, and the two computers 
are physically connected by dedicated network interfaces in full-duplex 
mode.  I'd also like to have the computer running Linux to be the 
primary one(the one directly connected to the monitor and keyboard), and 
have the windows desktop appear in a completely separate tty than the 
linux desktop(kde).  i.e Control-F6 for windows and Control F-7 for 
Linux.  Can I use vnc in this way?  Is it possible to have it so that a 
windows desktop appears in another tty rather than as a window within kde?