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Fri Jul 18 14:37:01 2003

Bacus - Istanbul wrote:
> Wont you answer?  I am waiting for your answer still
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> From: "Bacus - Istanbul" <>
> i use ISA Server for firewall/proxy and i have XP 10 client. I am setting up
> to VNC Server per PC and i am describing different port on the ISA Server
> Protocol Definetions for remote control each PC. (for example:
> 1.PC, 2.PC,
>  .........)
> How can i do? Or how can i define different port for each PC ?

William Hooper is right, this is not really a VNC question, but I will only
mention here that you are redirecting ports 5800, 5801 above ... these look
like only the ports for the web server portion of VNC (usually on port 5800 
on each server), especially given that you are prefixing them with http:// !  

You need to also redirect the VNC protocol itself, which is usually on port 
5900 on the server.  You can't do the web server port without the VNC server
port, since the web server's only job is to provide the Java VNC client.  
That client still needs to be able to connect to the server on the 5900 port.

I don't know ISA server at all, nor your setup, so I don't know how to do
the configuration, but it should resemble what follows when you're done:

redirect port on |     destination port  |     on different PCs
5800             |     1.PC:5800
5900             |     1.PC:5900
5801             |     2.PC:5800
5901             |     2.PC:5900
5802             |     3.PC:5800
5902             |     3.PC:5900

As to how to configure this specifically with ISA server, I don't think this list can help you.  Of course, if you only need the VNC viewer (fits on a 
floppy!  Easily downloaded from the web!), then you don't need to do the ports