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William Hooper
Fri Jul 18 13:26:01 2003

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> Sent: Thursday, July 17, 2003 8:54 AM
> Subject: About VNC Server Ports
> i use ISA Server for firewall/proxy and i have XP 10 client. I am setting
> up
> to VNC Server per PC and i am describing different port on the ISA Server
> Protocol Definetions for remote control each PC. (for example:
> 1.PC, 2.PC,
>  .........)
> How can i do? Or how can i define different port for each PC ?

Bacus - Istanbul said:
> Wont you answer?  I am waiting for your answer still
> Thank You

This is not a VNC question, this is an ISA Server question.  You need to
forward the ports in your ISA configuration (if it will allow you to).  I
would guess that the reason you haven't gotten any responses is that
people here may not have experience with ISA Server.  I suggest you also
try a mailing list for ISA Server and see if someone there can help you.

William Hooper