Newbie Problem getting started - Windows NT/ W2K

Paddy McKay
Fri Jul 18 13:04:01 2003

Hi All,

This must be a very simple problem to fix, but I can't find the answer in the
documentation, FAQ, or the list archive search.

I'm trying to get VNC 3.3.7 set up so I can access my NT 4 (SP6a) server from
my Win2K desktop across our LAN. I've installed VNC Server on the server, and
I can initialise a connection from the server end to my my desktop quite
easily, but I can't initialise a connection from the desktop back to the
server. When I try to initiate a connection in VNC Viewer, it prompts me to
enter the name of the VNC server, when I enter this and hit OK, the VNC Viewer
box disappears and nothing happens.

We are using Static IP and I can ping the server quite happily, and if VNC
Server is not running, VNC Viewer says "Failed to Connect to Server".

I've tried running Vince's Batch program which does not seem to have sorted

How do I get more debug information about what is going on, and any pointers
as to how to fix this?

All advice appreciated.

Paddy McKay
Scottish Property Network