William Hooper
Thu Jul 17 04:30:01 2003 said:
> Hi,
> I've been messing with the AuthHosts settings and running some tests. I've
> set
> -:+192.168.
> in the registry, but find when I try to connect from my PC, (IP
> I get "Your connection was rejected." However if I set
> -:+192.168
> in the regisry, without the final dot (.) it connects ok.
> Is this a bug? Why should the last dot stop it from connecting?

It sounds like it is working as stated in the documentation.  The syntax
is "-:+192.168" without a trailing dot.  It would be interesting to test
if VNC interprets a trailing dot as "192.168.0"...Without looking at the
code I don't know what it would be interpreted as.

William Hooper