displaying existing desktop

Wayne Throop throopw@sheol.org
Wed Jul 16 18:46:00 2003

: I installed the vnc server on a Linux laptop, and am able to log into
: it successfully with the Windows vnc viewer.  My problem is that
: logging into the Linux box starts a new desktop session.  My objective
: is for both the student and the teacher to be looking at the same
: desktop simultaneously. 

There are several ways to proceed.  The simplest is to have the student
use vncviewer to attach to their own separate-from-the-main-display 
VNC session.

Specifically, have the students use vncserver, then vncviewer to connect
to that new desktop.  Then launch the apps they wish to share with the
teacher (or rather, that the teacher wants them to share) from there.
Make sure both teacher and student connect in shared mode so one doesn't
kick the other out, and there you are.

The rest is mostly a matter of setting the student's .vnc/xstartup to
yield a sensible desktop, and other small bits of configuration.

Other ways to proceed, and allow the original X session to be shared are

        (though somebody recently said this is down now)
        (which ships with recent versions of KDE iirc, and
               should be easier to config and use)
        (better performance and more featureful; a loadable module for XF86)

Wayne Throop   throopw@sheol.org